Most of our traders are located in our Amsterdam office in the Canal District. Sitting in the monumental "‘t Einde van de Wereld’" (End of the World) building our offices share a storied history. The building itself was constructed at the turn of the 20th century, designed by M F Hartkamp Jr. Its earliest owner, a trading company, used it primarily as a textiles and materials warehouse. As its current occupant Accent Circonflexe has carried the trading baton into the 21st century, only now our focus is tailored to the financial markets.

In 2016 a new office opened in the heart of Utrecht, a historic city, characterized by canals, terraces and an ever-vibrant atmosphere! This fast growing office, in the former city castle Huis Pallaes is viewing the famous Dom, with 112 meters the highest church tower in the Netherlands.

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Accent Circonflexe Groupe is a trading company trading mainly shares at all major European financial markets. We are proprietary traders, have no clients and we are trading on behalf of the company. Our traders are independently analyzing the markets and taking positions in various instruments on stock exchanges, on their own initiative.

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There are some general characteristics that most traders have in common. Almost all traders have had an academic education (not a prerequisite), a strong personality with a passion for the financial markets and an urge to win ‘the game’. Additionally, a good feeling for numbers, willingness to learn from your mistakes and a high level of discipline is something all traders must have.

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So you want to be a trader! At our firm, you are responsible for watching the financial markets closely and making your own decisions.

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Creating software connects us to most of the exchanges on the european continent and the world.