Accent was founded in 1992. During the early years, the company was mainly active as a market maker on the Amsterdam option exchange. Because of its successful operations, the company enjoyed steady growth from the beginning. Turn of the century has seen migration of option trading floor to screen-based trading, and as a consequence, shrinking of the markets and profit margins. Sensing this trend, the company has decided to reorganize its core business, and although nowadays we are still trading options, futures and other derivatives, our main activity lies in securities trading

Accent Pointe was founded in the late nineties and it has played significant role in the success of the whole company, initially concentrating on development of software for derivatives pricing based proprietary pricing models. As Amsterdam Exchange was automating various segments of trading through the years, Accent Pointe was bringing out intelligent software which would cover offered functionality, from the early handheld-operated electronic eye software, all the way to the sophisticated application suite used by screen-based market makers for composing automated quoting strategies. Accent Pointe has become a mature and independent part of the Accent Circonflexe Groupe.


Our company consists of enthusiastic employees, all of them are professional in their own field, which enables us to have an extremely flat organizational structure. Partly because of this, the atmosphere at all Accent offices is very relaxed and sociable. For example, many of us celebrate a weekly analysis meeting held at one of the well-known pubs in the heart of the city. It is of great importance to us that our employees enjoy coming to work and feel as comfortable as possible. Therefore, there are no restrictions concerning dress code, and people can come to work wearing anything from suit to shorts.

The Accent Circonflexe Groupe consists of several components:

Accent Grave, Accent Tonique, Accent Aigu and ZRTX for trading and Accent Pointe  for development of trading software.

The four trading companies earn their money by trading for their own account and risk in equities, options and futures, mainly on the major European exchanges. Accent Pointe B.V. develops trading software.